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Sunday, August 10, 2008

How do you throw?

Jen Mecca was kind enough to post about her throwing technique after I'd asked her about it. Jen throws standing up, which I've recently switched to after compressing a disk in my back this past spring. It was non-pottery related, I was changing a flat tire, but it got me even more motivated to minimize the strain of what can be a physically demanding craft.

I'd already started putting my wheel up on 3 bricks to raise the wheelhead, which was better, but still not high enough. The art center has one Brent wheel with the leg extensions for standing, so I've been using that one ever since.

Robert Compton has a nice page of different potters working. My favorite is with the wheel mounted on the ceiling. I'd actually thought of that myself once while musing the challenges of gravity. Now I find out someone else was doing it back in 1971... I was taught to throw pretty dry, but I can't help thinking you'd need a rain poncho and a shower cap for that one!

John Glick has written some great articles sharing his hard learned lessons in back health. His 'To Sciatica and Back' should be a cautionary tale for us all, as well as the followup 'Down the Spinal Canal: From Herniation to Rupture'

So my informal, unscientific poll in the sidebar asks you: How do you throw?

1 comment:

Erin said...

Hey Brian, thanks for the great advice and resources. I'll definitely be trying out the standing wheel today in class!