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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Overall, the results were very good. There were five of us total, and everyone was happy with their pots. It was cool seeing everyone else's forms. Some small, some large, some handbuilt from textured slabs wrapped into vases.

Unlike glazeware, after the firing the work has only started. We had to unwrap and the scour the pots to remove the ash and residue from firing. Today I began the process of waxing the burnished / terra sig'ed ones. Kinda like waxing my Dad's van as a kid, only smaller.

Here is today's effort, after mowing the yard in between raindrops and other weekend chores.


Judy Shreve said...

stunning! from the photo it almost looks like it has crystals -- very cool!

paul jessop said...

Wow Great pot.

liannallama said...

absolutely stunning! What a beautiful mixture of texture and feeling! I love the soft sheen it has and the striped effect.