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Monday, August 18, 2008

World gone mad?

So, having been following the saga of the NC legislature pulling funding for the NC Pottery Center, threatening it's very existence, Meagan brings my attention to the story that Arrowmont is also being threatened with having their land sold to developers for likely another golf/condo/resort complex.

Has the world gone mad??

It's stunning how short-sighted some people can be in pursuit of a few bucks, neglecting or outright selling our cultural resources and heritage. What kind of world are we leaving to the next generation, devoid of art and beauty?

I'm just hoping this trend of bad news doesn't come in threes this time.


Meagan Chaney said...

Seriously! I cant take a 3rd blow!

Thanks for posting a link and helping to get the word out.

Could you send me the links for the NC Pottery Council?


Brian said...

Glad to do it.
Arrowmont is out of those places I dream about going 'someday', and I'd be pretty upset to see it disappear.

I posted a few direct links here

And Carolina Arts Unleashed
has the latest update on all the various fund raising efforts for NCPC.

Michael Kline said...

Thanks for posting this. It's the arts that always get cut/ditched first. I guess in this case you could say that Pi Phi is looking to unload Arrowmont for big profit. Maybe their plan all along, who knows. Certainly their support over the years has been generous.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi - I am a pottery in Seagrove and a board member for the North Carolina Pottery Center- we are in the process of raising funds to stay open. I would like to Clarify we were not in the budget but working on obtaining state funding.
We are trying to raise 100K -if we raise 90k we have a pledge for the last 10k.
Folks can go to for more info
To make pledges or become a member