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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Natural finish

Here's two views of one that wasn't burnished or terra sig'ed. It has a natural raw clay surface.

It's possible to seal it with an acrylic resin type product, but I think I prefer the softer colors. But it could bring out the lavendar/purples a little more...
What do you think?


Judy Shreve said...

Brian -- your pieces are fabulous! I like them natural. Will they need to hold liquid? I heard just recently that treating the inside with a tile sealant from Home Depot works great.
And I agree -- the world has gone mad. I can't imagine Arrowmont gone for a condo complex. Whew what are they thinking?

Brian said...

I struggle with the whole porous low-fired issue. I've heard the same about sealing the inside, but even then I don't know if I trust it.
So far, I've been educating my buyers that this is decorative and not 'functional', as if being beautiful and lifting your spirits isn't a function.
I've had to endure the inevitable 'so what's it good for then?' from the more analytical, practical shoppers.


gary rith said...

hey Brian, thanks for the visit! Fine stuff here, now let me look around a bit.....

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Hi Brian
A friend of Anne's just stopping by to say your "pots" are beautiful! Reminds me of my HS days when I took fun! Sometime I will email Anne my favorite piece I have in my home (and my silly Noah's ark that I built in high school)!!! keep on throwing!!! :)

liannallama said...

I don't know anything about pottery but I sure know that these are stunning! What beautiful colors and shapes!

Craft Nerd said...

Your pots are absolutely gorgeous.